Frozen Vanity for Bila Beela

Here at Bila Beela we love to collaborate.

Our first collaboration is with Sara, the creative talent behind FROZEN VANITY!

I have always been a fan of Sara's photography, projects, and her brave and ambitious personality.

Bila Beela was a perfect project for me to collaborate with Sara as she is a fan of scarves as well. 

I informed her about the Bila Beela label and gave her complete creative freedom with the Bila Beela theme "tribal behaviour".

The results were absolutely beautiful captures lensed in Qatar.

These images are her translation of the tribal behaviour theme and in her own words,

she tells us more about her creative concept for the shoot.

"Well the location is a "Majls" but with a modern twist.

I was originally thinking to do the shoot in the desert or at The Pearl Carter,

however I felt since I am in Qatar, to portray a more traditional but modern side to it, something I and the girls always do and that's sit in the majls drinking tea, chatting and looking stylish.

The scarf fit perfectly with the colours of the majls and felt it really portrayed the brand and vision." 

"The Majls" a place were we socialise, share ideas, drink tea and eat snacks, and of course dress up. 

I definitely can't wait to visit a Majl dressed up in Bila Beela with a bunch of like minds,

chatting away and sipping tea just like Sara has portrayed.

Beautiful visual narrative Sara!!!

FROZEN VANITY is Sara's creative brand identity.

She is based in the United Kingdom and occasionally in Qatar.

Find out more about Sara, FROZEN VANITY and her other projects on WWW.FROZENVANITY.COM ANDWWW.SEEMYCULTURE.COM.

Enjoy the lovely images!!