Unisex bomber jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and scarves fit for an ultimate on or off duty style!

Bila Beela is designed by Nabila Idris Ibrahim a qualified illustrator and print designer.

Bila Beela designs consist of conversational power animal illustrations which symbolise and inspire motivational characteristics for the BIla Beela style tribe. 




Our current collection is inspired by the theme of freedom and strength.

The freedom and strength to be successful while remaining humble and the freedom and strength to fail but persevere in our ambitions & style.

This theme is a follow up to our spring summer collection which inspired us to be brave, determined and persistent in our ambitions and style through the lion and serval power animals.

Now that we have acquired these lion and serval qualities, it is time to embrace the qualities of what comes next.

The power animal chosen to symbolize the autumn winter theme of freedom and strength is the wild horse.

The wild horse is a beautiful animal known to symbolize  strength and ultimate freedom physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is also known as a creature of success, self actualization and so much more.

The wild horse illustration consists of multiple print designs inclusive of our signature Bila Beela tribal design aesthetic.

Our prints are spread across products such as unisex bomber jackets, sweatshirts, t shirts and scarves fit for an ultimate on or off duty style.

With this collection we aim to embrace the power of the wild horse.